The Advisory Committee Diverse and Inclusive Higher Education and Research has stated its vision on diversity and inclusion. The full text is included below.

The committee's starting point is the social responsibility to promote diversity and inclusion in higher education and research, which also inherently ensures quality.

Diversity refers to all the visible and invisible characteristics, experiences and/or backgrounds in which we differ and agree with each other. Inclusion is the achievement of an environment where everyone belongs, is seen, and participates as a matter of course.

Diverse talents, abilities, and backgrounds are indispensable to the quality of education and research, but are not always recognized or are excluded due to often unconscious biases and invisible institutional processes resulting from reproduction of historical choices. 

In an inclusive working and learning environment, diversity at the level of students, staff, curriculum, and research is valued, sought out, and utilized. Working on diversity and inclusion requires a collaborative and sustainable approach at the societal, political, and institutional levels.